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Old Robert and the Sea-Silly Cats.
Joosse, Barbara (Author) , Jutte, Jan (Illustrator)
Apr 2012. 40 p. Philomel, hardcover, $16.99. (9780399254307)

"In their latest collaboration, Joosse and Jutte (Roawr!, 2009, and Sleepover at Gramma’s House, 2010) hoist a sail tale about a shipshape man who has everything he needs—or so he thinks. Each day the old man sails the salty sea, and each night he docks his boat, until one evening when an unexpected visitor arrives: a dancing cat in a pale pink dress who asks to come aboard. Old Robert agrees and prepares toast in buttered milk for two, and they both go to bed with the cat sleeping in a wee hammock. The next night a singing cat appears, and the next night a juggling cat. But it’s a scrawny little black cat with no talents at all that steals Old Robert’s heart and winds up going to sleep on his chest. The ink, watercolor, and acrylic illustrations have comic overtones with strong black lines delineating the waterside scenes. This tender story proves there is always room in the heart for one more. Bonus: the back flap supplies a website to download Joosse’s song, “Old Robert.”
— Julie Cummins